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Causes of Sleeplessness and Important steps for Good Sleep

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Causes of Sleeplessness and Important steps for Good Sleep

Post by Michi on Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:03 am

Sleep is needed for survival and good health. Most of the people are suffering with a sleeping disorder called Insomnia. Insomnia is generally termed as inablity of sleep. 15% to 30% of people are facing with the problem. It is most common in females than males. Taking much time for sleep, getting up from sleep frequently in middle of nights, getting up earlier than the usual time are some of the symptoms of Insomnia. Usually, a person should get sleep after 20 minutes. But if a person doesn't get sleep even after 30 minutes, he or she might facing with the problem.

Causes of Sleeplessness:

Sleeplessness is due to different reasons like long term diseases, alchohols, drugs, some medicines and psychological problems.

- Persons suffering with long-term pains like neck pain, back pain or lung related problems like cough, asthma, allergy etc, or heart related diseases or old age people are more prone to sleeplessness.

- Excessive intake of alchohol and also beverages like tea and coffee

- Using medicines for lung related diseases, steroids for pains and drugs for depression.

- Psychological problems like depression, stress, financial, work or family problems.

Avoid watching your children dangerous scenes in TV or movies as they will show more impact on them.

Persons who are suffering with sleeplessness affects their lifestyle. Some of the problems like Never concentrate on work, Always suffer with body pains and headaches, Could not control work stress, Unnecessarily gets angry, Laziness, less appetite and digestion problems will arise in day-to-day activity. Hence, for good sleep follow these simple steps:

* Exercise daily for half an hour and do some relaxation techniques like Yoga and meditation.
* Before sleeping always take adequate meals instead of heavy meals. Don't go to bed straight after eating and don't drink water too much.
* Before sleeping, don't take tea, coffee or any other cool drinks. And also, avoid alchohol and cigarette smoking.
* Do not read, watch TV, use cell phones and surf the net before sleeping.
* The bedroom should be calm and always turn off the lights while sleeping.
* Make bedtime the same time every night.
* And finally work, work and work.

How much sleep is needed?

A person need atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep for good health. The following steps shows how much sleep is needed for different age groups.

Infants – 18 to 20 hrs

1-3 Yrs of Age – 12 to 18 hours

3-13 Yrs of Age- 10 hours

12-50Yrs of Age- 7 to 9 hrs

Old Age persons – less than 6 hours

Persons who are suffering with sleeplessness should find the solution for the problem rather than using medicines. If you are using medicines, don't take continuously for 15 days. This may led to addicted to the medicine.

Sleep is the recharger for the tired body, like how we recharge the battery for a cell phone.

Source: Article Base

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